Aastra OneBox - The full-featured Unified Messaging Application

Aastra OneBox - The Unified Messaging Application

OneBox is a full-featured Unified Messaging application that lets users access their messages anytime, anywhere and through any device. All messages – whether voice, fax or email – are available by the phone of your choice. This could be via text-to-speech or your computer desktop via Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise or any IMAP4-compliant email system.
The Aastra Unified Messaging solution, OneBox, delivers a powerful suite of Unified Communications applications including advanced call processing, voicemail, unified messaging, personal assistant, fax, speech, and notification. These tools have been proven to enhance productivity of users and businesses.

The best news: It is the most cost-effective solution on the market as it is interacting with the tools you already have: your existing telephone system, email system and data infrastructure. No other solution offers a higher level of interoperability.

OneBox 5.0 allows you to leverage your existing investment and still increases productivity, rather than spend money to replace components of your existing communications infrastructure.

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